My relationship with Peloton is complicated. I was ruffled when Flywheel was taken to court, crushed, and Peloton carted away my beloved Fly Anywhere bike (to swap it with a refurbished Peloton). That move smacks of monopoly, a hostile takeover. Meanwhile, if I choose to sport their prohibitively high-priced clothing, I will be paying them to advertise their corporation on my body as a walking billboard. After 100 rides, however, Peloton did deliver a free tee. I am on their darn bike nearly every freaking day, and I enjoy their floor classes. Yoga, barre, weights, you name it. Yes, I am improving. The music is better too, and I do love a New Wave ride. Capitalism is gross. It makes me a little sick. But, I’ll keep using their service, because damn. Peloton is a solid, convenient, all-in-one product. I am part of their cult now. Converted.