How long can one forgo salon quality cut and color while retaining a reasonably professional appearance? We are finding out our individual thresholds for shagginess. It has been 378 days since I experienced the joy of a fresh haircut or highlights. I’ve grown roots dark enough to notice but light enough to blend away with rose gold, golden brown, deep blue-violet, and back to a golden brown. oVertone knows my number. But do I look the part of a working professional? That depends on the industry in question. Creatives are allowed quirkiness. Slick updos aren’t doing the trick anymore. I don’t want to suffer under this wild blanket of hair another day, but I take the current health crisis seriously, so I tough it out. My prediction is that short bobs and pixies will be all the rage once the pandemic is quelled—’20s chic.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash