Don’t Listen to Dark Advice

Photo by CHAjAMP

“You are delusional.”

“You need to try something realistic.”

“Can’t it just be a hobby?”

“Only the best get to work.”

“10% of nothing is still nothing.”

“When is enough, enough?”

Don’t listen to dark advice regarding your creative pursuits. Learn to ignore negative thinking no matter where you hear it. Encouragement to throw in the towel early may come from anxious friends, romantic partners, parents, teachers, active professionals, even a well-intentioned therapist. Maybe, even from yourself.

Don’t listen.

Often, the concerned party is trying to steer you down a more traditional path: something stable, a safe bet. But sometimes, heck, a lot of times, the dark advice is spewing from a place of fear, jealousy, or worst of all — control.

“You have to choose.”

“I’ll never come first with you.”

Don’t drink the poison.

No one, and I mean no one, gets to quantify your potential but you. Do you want to write a novel? Publish comic books? Paint concept art for your favorite game studio? Do your research, and practice your face off. Talent alone won’t get you there. I firmly believe that talent is a dirty word best left unsaid. It will take complete dedication, thousands of hours, and a deep well of fortitude to turn your creative passions into a career. But you can.

Listen to encouragement. Listen to creatives who have emerged from the gauntlet of doubt and dread, victorious. Listen to positive critique. Make changes. Change course if an opportunity to flourish presents itself. But never give up. Politely decline harmful advice. Slap on your earmuffs and get back to work. Be brave.

You will be the creative you want to be.



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Liz Masters

Liz Masters

Director of Illustration at Home Brew, Etsy Artist, cyclist, hiker, roller skating novice