Blizzard, thank you for the Diablo 2: Resurrected Amazon. Please, ignore the antiquated ageist choir pleading for a softer look. Do not change her face. Undeniably a fierce warrior, this master of hand-to-hand combat is a survivor. Rather than a novice nomad tripping over her bow, she is mentally and physically equipped to seriously mess up some baddies. Independent and fierce, your Amazon is far too busy sharpening her javelin and demolishing demonic forces to book a botox appointment. You’ve got original fans from the 1990s who love her edge, who embrace a female character with grit. Women are tough, and some of us wear our experience as a badge of honor. This is 2021, after all. I applaud you.

“The sisters will be glad…”

Amazon Class, Diablo® II, Blizzard Entertainment®



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Liz Masters

Director of Illustration at Home Brew, Etsy Artist, cyclist, hiker, roller skating novice